Meet our founder, owner and CEO Alexus Divine. Alexus has always loved everything beauty since a young age. Once she experienced the makeup world she never looked back. In 2016 Alexus started a career as a Makeup Artist in Georgia and North Carolina. Her passion began to grow and in 2019 she launched Divine Cosmetics. Divine Cosmetics started out as a lash line and now in 2020 it has progressed to more products than just one. This makeup line is created for every woman in the world for self-expression and to feel like your divine self. Alexus’s favorite motto is “delayed but not denied” because throughout this journey she has faced many obstacles and setbacks but she’s persevered through it all to create this company. She encourages other women to take a leap of faith, have self-love, and always believe in yourself. Without risk there is no Success! 


All of our products are vegan and cruelty free. We made sure that the formulas for the products are lightweight and have buildable coverage. Have fun, express yourself and enhance your beauty by using Divine Cosmetics you will not be disappointed! XoXo